Listen to our latest release Soul

Listen to our latest release Soul

Something Else is a very young band seeking for a blended, innovative rock sound.

Born in 2021 through the hallways of Montanari Institute in Verona, the group, initially made by Jacopo D’Aprile (guitar) and Reda Chakir (bass), comes to be widen with the arrival of the pianist Marco Trainotti.

After their break-in, in 2022 the band comes to its current setup, completed by the singer Francesca Vezzali and the drummer Ivan Zenti.

Something Else soon get noticed at contests and competitions around Verona, thanks to their unique sound, ranging over funky and poethic blues. The band never misses their hard rock influences, mostly inspired by songs from Led Zeppelin, Muse, and Queen. The aim of the band, in fact, is very ambitious: providing a different interpretation of contemporary rock, towards innovation and progress.

Something Else went live for their first time on December 3rd, 2021, with their attendance at Vicenza Rok Contest, where they ranked second, and first among the bands. They then took part at Scaligera Rock Contest, winning individual prizes, and finally at Tour Music Fest (TMF), where, after the first round of online selection, they played live.

In April 2023 the band released their first single “The Feels That I Had”