Listen to our latest release Soul

Listen to our latest release Soul

Italy has a rich history of musical contributions to the world, and Something Else is the newest addition to that legacy. Consisting of five talented young musicians, this rock band is taking the Italian music scene by storm with their unique sound and undeniable talent.

Introducing Something Else

Something Else formed in Italy with a shared passion for music and a desire to create something that truly resonates with their audience. Their sound is a blend of rock, indie, and pop, resulting in a fresh and unique style that sets them apart from other bands.

The band members are all in their early twenties, and they have a genuine love for their craft that is evident in their music. The lead singer, Claudia, has a powerhouse voice that can capture any audience. The guitarist, Matteo, is an expert in his craft, bringing a melodic touch to each song. The bassist, Giacomo, and drummer, Marco, make up the backbone of the band, providing a pulsing rhythm that drives each song forward. Rounding out the group is the keyboardist, Antonio, who adds a diverse layer to their sound.

The Debut Song

Something Else released their first song, ‘Breaking Point,’ last month, and it has already gained a lot of attention. The song features a catchy melody with powerful lyrics that speak to the struggles of modern life. The music video for ‘Breaking Point’ features the band performing in an abandoned warehouse, adding to the gritty and edgy feel of the song.

The band members have stated that they want their music to be relatable to their audience. ‘Breaking Point’ is an excellent example of how they achieve that goal, with lyrics that touch on themes like anxiety and the pressures of modern life.

The Future of Something Else

Something Else is just getting started, and they have a bright future ahead of them. With their unique sound, undeniable talent, and relatable lyrics, it’s only a matter of time before they become a household name in the Italian music scene and beyond.

The band has plans to release more music later this year, and they are excited to see where their music will take them. Their passion for their craft and dedication to their fans make Something Else a band to watch, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.